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SureStop Hemostatic Dressing

Surestop is a sterile soluble hemostatic dressing made of oxidised regenerated cellulose derived from Plants.  It is an effective and  inovative soft white knitted fabric that is widely used in first aid and surgery hemostatis.

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  • GMScientific Announce Qatar based Jazeera International Group as key Middle East Partner

    GMScientific Announce Qatar based Jazeera International Group as key Middle East Partner Chicago-based GM Scientific are excited to announce today that the Qatar based Jazeera International Group has become its key Middle East partner. "This is [a] big development for GM Scientific as it continues the development of its brands on a global basis and this move into Qatar is a significant one in terms of its expansion," says GM Scientific CEO Leigh McKenzie. Qatar is the richest country in the...

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  • SureStop wins The Dental Award for Top Hemostatic Dressing

    SureStop wins The Dental Award for Top Hemostatic Dressing GM Scientific’s product SureStop ®  has received major international recognition by winning the  award for “Top Hemostatic Dressing” in the 2015 Dental Advisor’s product awards. SureStop ®  was voted unanimously as the winners of the award. “I am delighted to win such a prestigious title in our first year of operation and we must thank all our USA distributors for all their hard work in helping us achieve this award,” says Leigh McKenzie, ...

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Customer Testimonials

It works quite well when applied to surface wounds such as graft and biopsy sites.  Because of SureStop near neutral pH, I find it much more efficacious in deep lower third molar sites in which the neurovascular bundle has been exposed or compromised.
I endorse SureStop wholeheartedly and am very pleased that this fine product has been tailored for use in dental and maxillofacial surgery. 
 Michael H. Grousd, D.D.S., M.A., LTD Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA
I have been using the SureStop dental dressings for a few months now. The dressings have been used in tooth extraction sockets in mainly warfarinised patients, but also following surgical extractions that have bled excessively.
I have found SureStop to be easier to place in the socket than other products, it is supplied in a better pack size, is equally as clinically effective as other products and is significantly cheaper.
I will be recommending that we use SureStop in our hospital. Bernhard Palmer, Speciality Doctor in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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